Sunday, 27 December 2015

Comintel (2)

The Day I Stormed Through 3 Traffic Lights

Author: Icon8888   |   Publish date: Sun, 27 Dec 2015, 02:03 PM

We are now closed to the end of the year. As I look back, Comintel ("Comcorp") is considered one of the most happening stocks that I have ever written about.  

On 17 December 2015, Comcorp released its quarterly report. The result was excellent. In that evening, I couldn't sleep well, my whole mind kept thinking of how I wanted to sapu as much as possible the next day.


The next morning, I jumped out of bed the moment I heard the cockerel crowing...

Market finally opened at 9 am. I was mentally prepared to sapu ALL THE WAY UP TO 50 sen.

I couldn't believe my eyes when drove of sellers started emerging at 40+ sen.

I could feel my heart palpitating. With my trembling hands, I keyed in one order after another to absorb as much as possible. 

Luck was with me that day, I managed to buy all I wanted with average cost of 43 sen.

Finally, it was time to take a break. I made myself a cup of coffee and started writing my Blog article.

I also took out sea cucumber and chicken thigh from the freezer to defrost. I planned to braise chicken thigh with sea cucumber for dinner.

The recipe was simple : you just stir fry the sea cucumber and chicken thigh with garlic, onion, soya sauce and spices (Star Anis and cinnamon sticks) until they caramelize. After that, you just add in water and simmer it for few hours until the sauce thickens.

Hmm... lovely.. I can feel my stomach groaning...

While waiting for the ingredients to defrost, I went back to my writing. By the time I was half way through, it was already 1 pm in the afternoon. Market has closed. I ate some biscuits for lunch (great meal coming in the evening, slurp.....)  

I tried to finish the article and publish it as soon as possible. Not that I am so kind hearted and wanted my readers to benefit as early as possible (I am not Jesus Christ lah, I am just an ordinary old man longing for a pot of braised sea cucumber).

The reason I was in a hurry was because I don't want another fellow to beat me to write about it first. It might sound silly, but the urge to be ahead is strong and genuine. It is like a researcher wanting to publish his finding after making an earth shattering discovery. You will understand me if you have been in a situation like that before.

Well, the timing is just nice. The plan is to spend the next 30 minutes stir frying my sea cucumber and chicken thigh, simmer them in a pot and return to my writing. By 2.30 pm, I should have my article completed and ready to publish. Perfect.

However, as I stepped into the kitchen, I noticed something horrible ...  


Ladies and gentlemen, I am not a fussy eater. But it is VERY IMPORTANT to add dried squid to braise sea cucumber pot. 

Without dried squid, the taste of the braise sea cucumber and chicken thigh will be AT LEAST 50% NOT SO NICE !!!!
(Comcorp is big money, but I ran out of dried squid. Comcorp first or dried squid first ? Which one more important ?)

I was totally disoriented. I stood in the kitchen for two full minutes. My mind kept asking the same question, "Comcorp or dried squid ? Comcorp or dried squid ?? Comcorp or dried squid ??? WHICH ONE MORE IMPORTANT ????"

I finally woke up from the state of paralysis. I made a dash to my 1970s Volkswagen, went full throttle and headed towards the nearest grocery shop, which was 10 munites drive away. 

(I stormed through traffic lights so as to return with a pack of dried squid before market reopens)

Luckily that day the traffic was not heavy. I stormed through three traffic lights, reached the grocery shop within 5 minutes, bought what I wanted and headed home.

I did what I need to do with my braise sea cucumber pot, and returned to my desk to finish off the article.

I publsihed the article at 3.12 pm, full 45 minutes after market reopened. 

I regreted the delay, but on the other hand, I am happy that the sea cucumber pot has been done properly. 

At 6 pm, I sat down to have my dinner. The taste was out of this world.

I am sure my readers will forgive me once they found out the reason it took me so long to release the article.  

Bon appetit !!!
(The end product was out of this world. The sauce alone can make me finish two big bowls of rice. What is the point of making money from Comcorp if you can't add dried squid to your pot of braised sea cucumber ?)

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